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Marriage and Family: 5 Must for Accomplishing your goals

January 14, 2015

It's 2015, and the sky's the limit to what God will do in you and through you this next year, as you allow Him to work, and as you partner with Him! 

During this time of year, we often ask God for a personal WORD for the year, as well as, taking some time to reflect back, in an effort to gain wisdom for moving forward with greater success. I (Jena) have been working through the questions the old school way: with pencil and paper and a big eraser! 

For some of you, you may have looked back and been a little disappointed in where you missed it. Listen, the only reason we look back is to help us move forward so CUT THE CORD OF REGRETS WITH GRACE, AND LET'S MOVE FORWARD WITH WHAT GOD HAS FOR US!!!!

Now, what do you do with your WORD and what you've learned as you've worked through the questions?

5 Musts For Accomplishing Your Goals every single day:

1) FOCUS on your WORD: clarify and specify as much as you can. Make a poster, place it in various places in your home, car, office, Bible, nightstand, wherever the WORD can stay before you on a daily basis. Every day, you will be faced to choose to live by your circumstances or by your WORD. You want to choose your WORD every time.

2) ELIMINATE anything that restricts your WORD: look at anything physically, emotionally, relationally, and mentally that will hold you back or be in opposition to your WORD and eliminate it! When Dale and I began to put our family back together, we had to "keep the circle small" by only allowing people into our lives who were "for" us. We didn't need any negativity that would set itself up against our success. You must do the same.

3) MAP the pathway to your WORD: you don't eat an elephant in one bite, you nibble at its toes! Take your WORD and work backwards to how you will monthly, then daily accomplish your WORD. Check points, short term goals, and other mile markers will give you courage and motivation when you see tangible results, as you work your plan.

4) WORK your WORD: nothing comes without cost and good ole hard work! Do your work! Don't compare yourself to others. You are on your own path! Work every day on moving closer to YOUR Word. And don't let others determine your progress. Do not be dominated by outside factors or forces! Focus on working toward your WORD!

5) INVEST your WORD in Others: evaluate how your WORD is going to effect others. You are a gift, and gifts are to be given. Use your WORD to add to other people's lives on a daily basis. Set your mind early in your day to be intentional about adding positive value to those around you. You'll bless them, and will find yourself blessed as well. 

Following these 5 Musts will set you up for success in 2015. Guaranteed.

I will give you some of my findings and discoveries and offer you an example of the pathway I am being led upon. Maybe it will be of help to you as you work through your WORD! Let me hear from you about your process and what you are discovering! It will be exciting to see it all unfold!

Here's to our BEST YEAR EVER!


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