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Marriage and Family: A question from a 91 YR old man!

May 06, 2015

Do you like to stand in long lines?  I do not!  The standing, the waiting, the inconvenience...it can be such a distraction to our "to do list" and the over-loaded schedules of our day!  However, sometimes, long lines can be a blessing.  I was blessed a few weeks ago while standing in the long line at the Post Office.  Behind me the blessing came when I was asked a question from a  91 Year Old Man. Here was his question:

91 Year old man:  How's your year been?

Me:  I've had a really great year so far!

As, I've reflected on his question, I thought...what a great question...he didn't ask me how my day was going, he asked me how my year has been.  I've reflected on his question...and wondered, why he asked it?  I think when you are 91, years are important.  I think when you are 91 reflecting on your over-all life happens.  I think when you are 91 you see a bigger picture.

That is why his question blessed me...becaused for a brief moment, it pulled me out of the mundane, routine, hustle and bustle of my day and caused me to pause and look at my year, to look at my life!  Here's what I discovered ... and what I hope encourages you today:

1.  Years are important because in the misdst of the journey, I reflected and remembered the FAITHFULNESS OF GOD!

2.  Reflecting on my over-all life caused me to think about the difference I hope to make in this world.  To be a good husband, father and friend.  To be mindful of what I want to be remembered for!  To hopefully here Jesus say:  well done!  

3.  Seeing the bigger picture pulls me out of the routine and the mundane.  It re-focuses me on what really matters.  What really matters is how I represent my faith, how I impact people for good and how I live each day to reflect Christ to others!

I heard a preacher say this very thing last week...God has us here to bring his Kingdom to earth...wow...what a challenge, what a calling, what a bigger purpose than our everyday schedules. 

There is a bigger picture...and that bigger picture is living and demonstrating Christ Kingdom right now as we live each day.  Eternity does not mean later...it means never ending...which means we should try and live in this bigger picture reality every day!

For me, this 91 year old man asked me a great question...it was a day that I actually enjoyed standing in a long line. 

I want to leave you with the same question...how's your year been?  For some, if may have been a very tough year.  In the midst of both the trials and the triumphs, it's still a great question, because God desires to use all of it...to draw us to HIM.

Here are 3 questions for you to slow down and consider...

1.  How has God shown himself faithful to you over your lifetime?

2.  What do you want to be remembered for?

3.  How can you reflect Christ to others and bring the Kingdom of heaven into your every-day reality?

Today, may you be reminded that God is faithful, your life really does matter and you can make a difference for good in the life of someone else!  So live today by bringing the Kingdom of Heaven to your world of influence.  Something special usually happens: you bless others and you get blessed along the way!

Please leave us your comments, what Christ has done for you and through you can be a huge encouragement to others that read this blog...so leave a comment and share your story...share your faith...

We hope you enjoy our blogs.

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