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Marriage and Family: Questions to answer for your best year yet!

January 12, 2016

I heard it once said that an unevaluated life is a wasted life. And for me, that is true. It is when I have taken the time to look back and evaluate where I am at, how far I have come, and what might need to change to help me grow in the future, that I find myself encouraged and challenged for the new year ahead.

At the beginning of January, I (Jena) wrote a blog and challenged you to ask God for your WORD for the year (click here to read the blog). I am so excited to see the comments and the personal emails I received of the words God has given you! I am even more excited to see how these will unfold in your lives this next year! In my blogs, I want to help you know what to do with your WORD so that you can give yourself fully to God's work and you can find success and growth at the end of this next year with your WORD. But before I do that, I feel like there needs to be a time to reflect back and evaluate last year as you move forward.

What you may not know is that when I spend time with the Lord, I strike a match and light my candle to remind me that His truth is Light, I am to shine the Light, my prayers are like sweet smelling incense before Him, and I am to be the fragrance of Christ to those around me. So as I began to evaluate last year, I looked at this pile of striked matches, which represent a lot of time spent with the Lord, and asked myself some very specific questions. 

So for today, I thought I'd offer those questions to you. I believe they will help you evaluate your life as an encouragement to see how far you've come and as a challenge to see where you want to go. Take some time over this week to get before the Lord and do some honest evaluating. It will give your new vision and focus for the year ahead!

If you want to know how to pray God's Will for your life this next year, this is the way to do it! (If you missed that blog, click HERE to go back and read it!)



1. How did my year begin? Goals? Plans? Expectations? Resolutions?

2. Did I succeed in any? Why? Why not?

3. What strengths emerged? Weaknesses?

4. Did my experiences match my expectations? Why? Why not?

5. What would I like a second chance to do over?



1. What is my WORD?

2. What are my Goals? Body? Soul? Spirit?

3. What things would I like to keep similar as last year and further develop?

4. What things would I like to do differently?

5. What challenges might I face?

6. How can I prepare for those challenges?

7. What do I hope to improve upon?

8. How will I mark change? (This is HUGE and I will be talking about this a lot in the next few blogs!)

Time to jump on in! I will be posting my answers to many of these questions and would so enjoy hearing your insight and wisdom, as well! So share away! And if it is personal, you can certainly email me at jena@livingdeeperministries.com. I would love to hear from you! Let's not just desire to have the best year ever, let's HAVE the best year ever! And let's do it together!

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This blog post was originally posted on Jena's Living Deeper Ministries webpage.  Her blogs are practical, personal and life-changing, so to stay connected subscribe, and invite your friends so they can join you!

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