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Marriage and Family: Living the Larger Story

October 13, 2010

This past weekend we had the awesome opportunity to speak at Lifeway's Festival of Marriage in Glorietta, NM.  The theme was to be reawakened by living in a larger story.  The fact of the matter is most of us are too busy to try and live in a larger story.  And this is precisely why we need to be reawakened.  We need to be reawakened to God's end game for us - which Ephesians 1:4 (look it up).  We need to be reawakend that God is after so much more than making life work for us.


From the moment you took your first breath, God has been writing your story for a very specific purpose.  Remember, you are HIS workmanship...He has plans for you...and He orders your steps with the ultimate goal of your holiness for HIS Glory.  While life is hard and terrible things happen, we can never forget that every single thing HE does or allows to happen is ultimately for HIS Glory and our transformation.  Christ is after the recreation of HIMSELF in us...He knows this is the only place that we will truly be happy, fulfilled and free.  Jena said it Saturday night and again Sunday Morning...what the Enemy uses to destroy us...God uses to Perfect us!  So today, start living in the Larger story of your Holiness for God's Glory....start living your life and making decisions based on God's Glory and your life being bound together for a Larger Story!  Start asking God what HE has for you and how you can step into that....start doing something besides your own advancement and start advancing the Kingdom of God....if you do...we think you will start living in a larger story..living fully alive...and St. Irenaeus will have gotten it right...after all it is all FOR GOD's GLORY! 

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