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Marriage and Family: Keepin’ Things Real: 7 Secrets to a thriving marriage (Part 6)

June 07, 2011

Well, we hope you are enjoying this series on the 7 secrets we have found for our marriage and shared with countless others.  We're almost done with this blog series, with only 2 more secrets to reveal. We also want to encourage you to get our DVD series.  The feedback we are receiving is so encouraging.  The couples going through the study are finding so much truth, freedom and abundance for their marriages.  We want the same for you, visit the store and get your copy today.  Now for secret # 6 - "Learning to Forgive !!!

We know of no other relationship on earth that has so much potential for pain and passion all at the same time like the marriage relationship.  And if you are in relationship with someone long enough, you are going to have to cross the bridge of forgiveness.  So whether you are married or not, everyone needs to know how to forgive. In our chapter called "Letting it Go!" we unlock three things that forgiveness is not and the three choices that an authentic forgiver must choose in order to "let it go!"  But for now, lets look at the basics. We start with the understanding that "sin" is what breaks our fellowship with God and fogiveness is what restores it!  We also know that "sin" is what breaks our fellowship with mankind and forgiveness is what restores that!  With this as the foundation, then HOW IMPORTANT IS FORGIVENESS?  ANSWER - IT"S EVERYTHING!  I (Dale) remember conducting a baptism and communion service and I asked the question, "where would we be without forgiveness? And a little 5 year old boy named Jack blurted out, I know Mr. Dale, we would be in Hell without forgiveness!"  Out of the mouth of babes , humm!  Perhaps we need have childlike faith like Jack to forgive.  You know Jack understood at the age of 5 that without forgiveness, we have no hope, no future, nothing!  Perhaps that's why it is really, really hard at times.  Our enemy doesn't want us to receive the forgiveness of Christ, nor does he want us to forgive one another.  Satan knows the freedom, power and passion that is restored in the life of a Christ follower when true, authentic, life changing forgiveness occurs.  That's why he piles on with accussations, attempting to steal, kill and destroy your relationships by dragging you back to the past, dwelling on the dissappointments, hurts, and sometimes evil and painful things that occur in your life.  Our enemy always deals with the past, and praise God, Christ deals with the future.  That's why in the midst of it all, Christ set for us an example and calls us all to fogive.  That's why the first secret to living as an authentic forgiver is choosing to forgive as Christ has forgiven you!  We have no idea what you are facing today in your relationships.  But we want to encourage you to "LET IT GO!"  Let God have it...whatever it is.  Be a forgiver today.  You may never hear the words "I'm sorry", revenge and payback will never work, holding onto it will only breed resentment and bitterness.  Why not follow Christ example and offer forgiveness where forgiveness is needed.

If you want to find out more about the principles of forgiveness and much much more,you can do so by getting your own copy of our DVD Bible Study - "Let's Get Real, bringing authenticiy and wholeness to your marriage".  Click here to visit our store and get your copy today.

Until next time,

Dale and Jena

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Elumalai On Friday, August 08 at 11:01 AM
Great insihgt. Relieved I'm on the same side as you.