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Marriage and Family: Sorry You've Been Chopped

August 01, 2011

I (Dale) love to cook. I admit, I have a few specialties. I also love my favoirte food network shows like: Diner's, Drive-In's & Dives, Man V Food, and Throw Down with Bobby Flay. And I really like Chopped! The food ingredients are insane & the pressure is incredible as the Chef's race against the clock & one another trying to prepare the best appetizers, main course and dessert. If they don't, the HOST says "sorry you've been CHOPPED!" Now let's see how this relates to our walk with Christ. To set this up, let me share the process of how I even got to writing this particual blog. As a side note, this is the third time I have typed it out...the first two times, I saved it, but it didn't post...taking this as the 3rd time is the charm...but more than that...Satan, you will not win on this one!

Anyway, as I was thinking about what to blog I turned my thoughts to some recent conversations about the lack of holiness, reverance and awe we have for God and how we have lost this in our "feel good; hyper-grace approach to Jesus and Christianity." Jena's dad reminded us that yes, Jesus came as our truth and grace filled Savior, but HE will also return as our Judge. We don't necessarily like to the picture of God as our Judge. We like the picture of Jesus we saw in our Sunday School classrooms holding the little lamb and we like Jesus as our friend. Yes, Jesus is our Shepherd and yes Jesus is our friend, but HE is also HOLY God. He deserves reverance, awe, respect and honor. It amazes me when I hear people call HIM their "home-boy", "dude" and the "big guy upstairs!" God HELP US! Where is the revererence for your name, your majesty, your power, your glory? Where is the fear and awe of your greatness? Where is the humility of heart that recognizes the phenominal price you paid for our sin. Your holiness demands righteousness, justice and judgment. Thank you for the promise in 2 Cor. 5:21 where you became sin so that I might become righteous. Your HOLINESS and RIGHTEOUSNESS demanded that Sin be judged and paid for, and ultimately that's why you spilt your precious blood for my salvation. I love the words to a song my son Cole wrote called "With your blood"...the chorus goes like this...

"and with your blood

you showed us your love

and it was spilt to save me

new life you freely gave me

the final price was paid

and with the blood you gave

your mercy covers me, your mercy covers me"

Thank you God for sending your perfect Son as the one time, only way for my salvation. Thank you Jesus for freely laying down your life and for freely shedding your blood for my salvation. God help us for getting over being saved, for making light of your gift, by dishonoring your name and for loosing sight that you are HOLY, you are RIGHTEOUS, you are JUST and you are JUDGE. If you are reading this blog and you don't know Christ as your Savior, I invite you to make that decision today. Alistari Begg said, "the only thing you need to know to be saved is that you know that you need to be saved!" Do you know that you need to be saved? Do you want to accept the Righteousness of Christ through the finished work of the Cross, if so, then I invite you to nail this down, right now by clicking HERE and finding out how to make sure you don't hear the words: "sorry you've been chopped!"

fully surrendered

dale and jena

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