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Marriage and Family: The Oscars Ceremony w Ben Aflack on Marriage

February 27, 2013

Did you watch the Oscar's?  Our family did and there were a couple of things that really stuck out to me.  First, not one of the winners gave any thanks to God.  Now, I know that just because someone does, does not mean they are a passionate follower of Christ....but nevertheless, I thought this was interesting, maybe even revealing.  You can make your own conclusions.  What really stuck out to me was Ben Aflack's comments to his wife, Jennifer Garner about their marriage he said...

 "I want to thank you for working on our marriage for 10 Christmases. It’s good, it is work, but it’s the best kind of work, and there’s no one I’d rather work with."

How true, marriage takes hard work.  But that's no real surprise right?  Anyone who is married knows that hard work is a must in marrige.  What I really loved about his comments were how real and genuine they were...no pretentions, no simple, "I love you and thank you."  Ben said some powerful things...like the joy of being together for 10 years and the joy of being married to her and her alone and it's GOOD WORK!

This is why I wanted to write this blog today....because just last weekend...at one of our conferences...I made this statement ..."marriage is hard work...but instead of focusing on how hard marriage is, let's focus on the greatness of it"  I think Ben Afflack said the same thing...

yes, marriage is hard, it is hard work...but it's good work because we get the greatness of  marriage when we work at it!  We get the greatness of Christmases, and birthdays, and anniversaries, and vacations and dirty clothes, and messy dishes, and sick kids and long weeks and long months and long years.  Yes, marriage is an amazing opportunity to do life with someone else and within all the hard work there is a greatness to it...so today, I leave you with this challenge...focus on the greatness of your marriage by doing the good, hard work to make it ...I'd love to hear your stories about how the good hard work has carried you to greatness in your own marriage....so leave your comments here by answering these three of questions..


1.  What do you love most about your marriage?

2.  What can you do today to communicate to your spouse the greatness of it?

3.  What good hard work have you done that is allowing you to celebrate the greatness of it?


I can't wait to read your stories and post your comments.


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Carrie Ann Lyons On Thursday, February 02 at 11:05 AM
What I love most about mine and Dan's marriage is that we have so much fun together! I love doing things as a family with our 3 girls, but my favorite thing is going away with him all by ourselves. He has the greatest laugh ever! Every day I try to tell Dan 1 or more specific thing that he did that just made my day. It could be a sweet kiss on the cheek, making me a glass of Sprite Zero, or a little love pat. I just love him! The hardest work we ever did? Getting remarried after our divorce!

Page On Thursday, February 02 at 11:05 AM
First my thought of the Oscars is that they are their own gods so they see no need for God. Marriage without God is much harder work! I love about my marriage that my husband is one of the most giving people I know. He anticipates my needs and meets them even before they occur. Our hope is to out give one another.

Millie On Friday, March 03 at 11:05 AM
Because NIck was not a Christian when we were first married, I know what it is to be unequally yoked, so him knowing Christ and us pressing toward the same goal is definitely the best thing. The hardest work we did was just staying together in the early years when we were young and things were really hard. I never could have imagined then that we could have the marriage we have now. We should celebrate it every day, because it is a miracle straight from the hands of a loving Father