Dale and Jena Forehand Video Podcast http://www.daleandjena.com.com Dale and Jena Forehand enlighten and equip men and women to understand who God created them to be and their purpose as couples through this video podcast. en-us Dale and Jena Forehand http://www.daleandjena.com/images/rss_video.jpg http://www.daleandjena.com 200 200 What many husbands don't know http://www.daleandjena.com/ftp/video/KIR CLIP 2.mp4 Here's a video clip of Dale and Jena discussing what many husband's don't know. To grow your marriage deeper, make sure and get your copy of their couples Study - Let's Get Real. The Let's Get Real Conference Promo http://www.daleandjena.com/ftp/video/Lets_Get_Real_Conference_Promo-H.264_800Kbps.mov Couples around the country are being radically impated byt the Let's Get Real Marriage Conference. Watch a promo video of Dale and Jena teaching at the conference that also became their DVD Bible Study. You will want to find a way to get to one of these conferences. But don't take our word for it, the promo video also includes actual comments from attendees. The Let's Get Real Bible Study Promo http://www.daleandjena.com/ftp/video/Dale and Jena Promo of DVD.mp4 Watch Dale and Jena share their heart behind why they wrote their Let's Get Real DVD driven Bible Study. The feedback from couples who have already been through the study has been awesome. Get your copy today through our on-line store. Making Room for Relationships http://www.daleandjena.com/ftp/video/KIR CLIP 1.mp4 Watch as Dale and Jena answer the question: "How can I make my spouse spend time with me?" Lips and Feet (actions before feelings) http://www.daleandjena.com/ftp/video/KIR CLIP 3.mp4 Here's a short video of us talking about the battle of our feelings. The challenge is to let our actions lead and the feelings follow. In other words, feet before lips. Learning to Abide in your relationships http://www.daleandjena.com/ftp/video/KIR CLIP 4.mp4 Communication, listening, who can't do that better? Here's a video clip of us talking about how to stay engaged in the relationship, how to communicate and listen better to one another. KIR 9 http://www.daleandjena.com/ftp/video/KIR CLIP 9.mp4 Communication is key. putting a guard on your mouth KIR 8 http://www.daleandjena.com/ftp/video/KIR CLIP 8.mp4 "He's not really changing" "I try and try and its never good enough" how to relentlessly pursue each other KIR 7 http://www.daleandjena.com/ftp/video/KIR CLIP 7.mp4 conflict is caused by selfishness. we must be selfless KIR 6 http://www.daleandjena.com/ftp/video/KIR CLIP 6.mp4 don't try to make your spouse you. show them love, so they can be like Jesus