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together // 2023

a reimagined event


Birmingham is affectionately called "The Magic City", and when we think of all of the experiences in the city,

we couldn't come up with a better nickname if we tried!

Whether walking in the steps of Civil Rights Leaders, visiting Vintage Theaters, or enjoying numerous Parks,

there truly is something for everyone in BHM!


City Walk

An all-new experience in the center of downtown with food trucks, a skate park, pickleball, and more! 

Top Golf

Enjoy some friendly competition as you take to the driving range in a plethora of games!

Civil Axe Throwing

Release your inner lumberjack and see how close to the bullseye you can get!

Glass Blowing

Create one of a kind pieces and learn a new skill from expert artisans!


Railroad Park

Birmingham's own Central Park with restaurants, a beautiful Rotary Walking Trail, and more close by!

The Vulcan Park and Museum

Learn about Birmingham's local statue and enjoy an exceptional view of the city!

Birmingham Botanical Gardens

Wander through differently themed gardens and enjoy local and international flora!

The Summit Shopping Center

Birmingham's premiere shopping experience!



Civil Rights Museum

Learn about Birmingham's important history with the Civil Rights Movement!

Alabama Theater

A turn-of-the-century theater that still operates to this day - check out a tour or a classic movie!

Birmingham Museum of Art

A staggering collection of local, national, and international art featuring Japanese Art and Wedgwood Pottery

Birmingham Zoo

Lions and Bears (but no tigers) are on hand to welcome you to the BHM Zoo, don't skip the Trails of Africa!

Together 2023 will take place

February 24, 25, 26

The Ridge | 200 Missionary Ridge

BHM, AL 35242

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